Halal Food Week

Event Summary

At Halal Food Week, we don’t just talk about diversity and unity. We immerse ourselves in it. Our curated dinners, masterclasses, and symposiums are designed to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about halal while showcasing the rich tapestry of global cultures and communities behind it. 

We believe in the power of food to transcend barriers, and we invite you to be part of this transformative experience. Join us this September to experience a world where food brings us closer together.

Together At The Table

Halal Food Fest was developed from insights gained during the Together At The Table (TaTT) initiative, which was launched in collaboration with STB’s Singapore Food Fest.

What Is Halal Food Week?

Our Vision

We aim to embrace culinary diversity, and aspire to create a more inclusive and harmonious society where mutual respect and understanding thrive.

Food Is Central To Our Sense Of Identity

Halal Food Week is organised by HHWT & The Right Company. This event is dedicated to promoting cultural diversity and innovation within the halal food space. 

Past edition: Together At The Table (TATT)

In collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board, HHWT launched the inaugural Together At The Table festival (TATT) as a fringe event of the Singapore Food Festival 2022, held from 10 September to 23 October 2022. 

TATT celebrated the diversity of Singaporean culture and sought to build bonds connecting people from different walks of life through food. The festival featured a variety of food-related activities, including curated halal dining experiences and masterclasses. the vast options and rich tastes of halal food, proving that halal cuisine is anything but limited.

What to expect at HFW?

B2B Engagements: HFW Talks (Seminar – Keynotes & Panel Discussions)

B2C Engagements

Special Menus

Restaurants and food establishments present limited-time special menus aligned with the key themes of Halal Food Week 2024.

Private Dining

Enjoy intimate dining for up to 15 guests, indulging in theme-curated dishes, thoughtfully crafted by the chef to celebrate ingredients and the culture they represent.


Engage in masterclasses to learn, cook, and connect through immersive food and cultural experiences.

Who will be joining us at HFW?



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