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Experience the culinary artistry with our Special Menu segment. Renowned chefs have curated a series of exclusive menus that showcase the diverse flavours and innovative potential of halal cuisine. Each dish is a masterpiece, combining traditional halal principles with modern culinary techniques that tantalises the taste buds and celebrates culinary creativity. 

These are the participating establishments:

       By Chef Muhammad Imran

       By M Hotel

       By Chef Mel Dean, Permata Singapore

Step into a world of exclusive culinary adventures with our Bespoke Private Dining experiences. Each event is themed to represent a specific destination. Ideal for intimate gatherings, these sessions offer a personalised and enriching way to explore the world’s culinary landscapes. Savour the essence of global cultures right at your table, and make every meal a memorable journey.

       By Chef Ken Zheng

       By Chef Ken Zheng

       By Chef Samuel Quan

       By Chef Jon

       By Chef Muhammad Imran

       By Chef Muhammad Imran

       By Chef Mel Dean

       By Chef Mickael Cornac

Enhance your culinary skills with our Masterclasses, designed for all levels of expertise. Under the guidance of culinary professionals, you’ll delve into the intricacies of halal cooking. Learn traditional methods, explore modern innovations, and gain practical tips to elevate your cooking skills. These interactive sessions offer a comprehensive experience for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs.

       By Chef Muhammad Imran

       By Picanhas’

       By Chef Pang Wei Lee

       By Chef Leslie Ho

Engage with industry leaders, chefs, and scholars in a two-day seminar that explore the future of halal food, sustainability, and cultural integration. HFW Talks provide valuable insights and thought-provoking discussions with prominent figures within the industry. Our speakers will delve into topics such as challengers, opportunity, and the role of culinary traditions. 

Day 2 – 18 September 2024

        3:05 PM – 3:35 PM SGT

       4:50 PM – 5:35 PM SGT

        3:35 PM – 4:20 PM SGT

        4:20 PM SGT

Special Menu

Private Dining


HFW Talks

Halal 10 Course Wagyu Omakase by Fat Cow

Born in Adachi, a small town in Tokyo, Head Chef Shingo specializes in Omakase Kappo-style. Chef Shingo joins Fat Cow after a rich and prolific career to date in the kitchens of various premium restaurants, hotels and ryokans in Japan. These include the restaurant Zaimokutei in Tokyo where he gained a masterful foundation in kaiseki; and the restaurant Mutsukari where he was schooled in kappo.

The Great Western Australia Experience by Meatery

Founded by a Singaporean husband and wife team who spent a combined 30 years in the advertising industry, this is the first of such a venture for this pair. Meatery aspires to be a one-stop gourmet butchery providing the best curation of halal-certified prime meats from internationally-renowned farms that practice ethical farming methods.

Tuscany Meets Napoli by Porta Porta

Porta Porta’s story is one built on heritage and tradition, a love of Italian food, and a desire to share that love and tradition with others in their homes. Started off as a catering company, Porta-Porta which in Italian translates to “door to door”, the Laino family has been catering to embassies, corporate companies and to people who love Italian food.


Halal Food Week Talks

Day 1

Day 2

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