Halal Food Week

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What is Halal Food Week (HFW)

HFW is a month-long celebration of Halal cuisine, featuring four distinct events: Special Menu, Private Dining, Masterclasses and HFW Talks. Each event offers an opportunity to explore diverse Halal culinary traditions and innovations.

For more information, please visit our Programs Page.

Are all the events during HFW Halal-certified?

The aim of HFW is to enable Muslims to experience a wider variety of cuisines, and in that process, better understand and appreciate different cultures. To enable this experience, we work with Halal-Certified establishments, Muslim Chefs as well as non-Muslim Chefs who are committed to delivering top-notch cuisine following a Muslim-Friendly standard.

We work jointly with our partners such as the Singapore Halal Culinary Federation (SHCF) and Consultants to ensure that we adhere to a Muslim-Friendly regulation when working with establishments that are not halal certified (e.g. Muslim Owned / non Muslim Chefs for private dining experiences). To ensure transparency in the preparation we will be listing down what we mean by Muslim-Friendly.

  1. Venues used are Muslim-Owned with Muslim Staff in premise
  2. All ingredients used are halal certified
  3. “0% Alcohol” beverages may be served at the premise and it is up to the diner’s discretion to consume the beverage

The status of Muslim-Friendly / Halal Certified will be listed clearly in each event.
* Diners to dine at their own discretion.

How can I register for the events?

Registration for individual events can be completed through our website and our partners’ websites. Each event has a dedicated registration link on the event page.

To register for a masterclass, for example, visit the Programs Page > Masterclass > select your preferred event > scroll down and click ‘Register Now’ to be directed to the registration page.

Please note that the ‘Join Us‘ registration is specifically for receiving first-hand information about the events. For the main events masterclasses, private dining, and special menus at individual restaurants, please ensure to sign up individually for each event of interest.

Is there a limit to the number of participants for each event?

Yes, each event (Private Dining & Masterclasses) has a limited capacity to ensure a quality experience for all attendees. We recommend early registration to secure your spot.

Is there a refund, reschedule, or cancellation policy for events?

There is strictly no return, refund, or reschedule for all events, especially for Masterclasses and Private Dining.

Once paid or booked, cancellations or rescheduling are not permitted. However, ticket transfers to another person are allowed if you inform our partners at least 3 days in advance.

Who can I contact for urgent inquiries?

For urgent inquiries, please email us at events@therightcompany.com.sg

Special Menu

What is the Special Menus event?

The Special Menus event involves participating establishments creating dishes based on HFW themes. These special menus will be available on the stated dates throughout the event at the individual restaurant venues.

How can I find participating restaurants?

A list of participating restaurants and their special menus will be accessible on our website.

Please visit Private Dining in the Programs Page for more details.

Do I need to make a reservation at the restaurants

While walk-ins may be accepted, we recommend making a reservation directly at the restaurant to secure a table, particularly during peak hours.

Private Dining

What is the Private Dining experience?

Private Dining experiences are exclusive events featuring themed menus crafted by top chefs. These intimate gatherings offer a unique culinary experience.

How can I find participating restaurants?

A list of participating restaurants and their exclusive menu will be accessible on our website.

Please visit Private Dining in the Programs Page for more details.


What can I expect from a Masterclass?

Masterclasses are interactive sessions where participants learn hands-on culinary skills from expert chefs. Each session focuses on specific techniques or cuisines, offering a deeper insight into the art of cooking.

You may find out more information here.

Is prior cooking experience required for Masterclasses?

Prior cooking experience is not necessary for most Masterclasses. Beginners and enthusiasts alike are welcome to join and learn. However, please check the registration page and our partners’ websites for specific requirements and eligibility details.

HFW Talks

What topics will be covered in HFW Talks?

HFW Talks will cover Halal culinary innovations, sustainability in Halal food production, and cultural heritage in Halal cuisine.

You may find out more about the program here.

Are the talks free to attend?

Unfortunately, HFW Talks is a by-invite event. However, we encourage you to join our live stream via our website. The 3-hour plenary session will be live-streamed, accessible via our website.

Please refer to specific dates in HFW Talks for the schedule and join promptly. Also, register under ‘Join Us‘ on our event page to receive updates on the schedule.

Additionally Queries

Are the event venues accessible for individuals with mobility challenges?

We strive to ensure our event venues are accessible. Please contact us in advance at events@therightcompany.com.sg to discuss specific accessibility needs.

Is there a dress code for the events?

There is no strict dress code, but we recommend smart casual attire for most events. For private dining experiences and masterclasses, comfortable attire is suggested.

How long do the Masterclasses, Private Dining experiences, and HFW Talks typically last?

Event durations varies. Specific timings are detailed on each event’s page.


Are there any age restrictions for attending the events, especially Masterclasses or Private Dining?

Most events are open to all ages unless otherwise specified. However, Masterclasses may have age restrictions due to the nature of the activities. Please check individual event descriptions for details.

Can special dietary requests or restrictions be accommodated during the events, such as vegetarian or allergen-free options?

We strive to accommodate dietary needs. Please inform us of any special requirements during registration or contact the partners in advance so necessary arrangements can be made.

Is parking available at the event venues, or is there public transportation nearby?

Parking availability varies by venue. We recommend checking the event details for specific parking information or using public transportation options nearby.

Are attendees allowed to take photographs or videos during the events?

Photography and filming policies vary by event. Please respect the privacy and preferences of other attendees and speakers. Check event guidelines onsite for specific details.

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