Halal Food Week

Nusantara Epicurean Flavours By Chef Mel Dean


Special Menu Highlights

1. Mocktail:

  • DEWI PUSPA: Fresh Watermelon & Lychee, Calamansi

2. Cold Appetizer:

  • KERABU RADEN AYU: Prawn, Soursop, Pomegranate, Young Mango, Young Papaya, Cucumber, Torch Ginger Dressing

3. Hot Appetizer:

  • NASI ULAM CAKERAWALA: Herbed Rice Ball, Sambal Bajak, Salted Fish, Rice Cracker, Spicy Turmeric Gel

4. Soup:

  • SUP KAMBING: Aromatic Lamb Consommé, Fried Shallots, Calamansi Lime

5. Intermezzo:

  • PANCA KASTURI: Calamansi, Lime, Lemongrass, Ginger, Habanero Lime

6. Main Course:

  • TENDERLOIN LOMAK CILI API: Chargrilled Tenderloin Steak, Spicy Turmeric Cream Sauce
  • GRILLED LOBSTER: Grilled Lobster, Cabe Ijo Lemon Butter Sauce
    Served with Scalloped Potato & French Beans

7. Dessert:

  • PULUT HITAM PURNAMA: Black Glutinous Rice, Vanilla Ice Cream, Jackfruit
  • KOLE KOLE TEMASEK: Panna Cotta, Green Bean Mousse
  • CEK MEK MOLEK: Mashed & Fried Sweet Potato, Salted Caramel Glaze

$168++ Per Person

*Prices are subject to GST & 10% service charge 

About Celebrity Chef Mel Dean

Chef Mel Dean, a Honorary Entrepreneur Award winner, founder for Kapowww by Chef Mel Dean Pte Ltd. Chef Mel Dean is synonymous with his tagline – ‘KAPOWWW’. A prominent and well-loved celebrity chef, Radio & TV personality and a public figure in Singapore’s F&B culinary industry with an illustrious career spanning 3 decades of experience and  a Culinary Director for Permata Singapore Renowned for his effervescence and creativity, his versatility knows no bounds & is evident in the multiple portfolios as a Culinary Creator, Food Consultant, Pop Up Restaurateur, Lifestyle Chef, Brand Advocate, Trainer, Speaker, Culinary Host, Author Actor, he embodied the mantra “when profession meets passion, amazing things happen!”

The inspiration behind the dishes curated by Chef Mel Dean – 

“My overwhelming thirst for exploring the expansive world of culinary science and discovering new frontiers led me to this exciting, extravagant, yet challenging industry. I am surrounded by all aspects of gastronomy in my daily life. Aside from also being a former food columnist with Berita Harian, I am also an avid author and speaker of culinary arts. Among all the various roles, I would regard myself as a Culinary Creator or Food Architect.

I am an advocate of Malay and Nusantara cuisine. The food culture of Malay and Nusantara cuisine is shaped by nature, history, enormous geographic and cultural diversity across the archipelagos. inspired by the trade in the 1920s and The Malay and Nusantara essence can also be found in other South East Asian dishes and this shows how it has influenced dishes across regions and cultures. As such, I want to ensure that everyone goes through an experience that evokes their sense of smell, sight and taste.

When curating dishes, my inspiration stems from a multifaceted approach that involve deep thinking process, extensive research, and immersive experiences. Firstly, I explore into the historical and cultural aspects of Malay and Nusantara cuisine, exploring its roots in nature, history, and the diverse geographic and cultural landscapes of the archipelagos. This involves studying historical texts, culinary literature, and conducting thorough research in libraries and archives to understand the origins and evolution of traditional dishes.

Additionally, I believe in the importance of firsthand experiences and insights from natives of the cuisine origin. Through interviews and conversations with local chefs, home cooks, and cultural experts, I gain valuable perspectives on traditional cooking methods, flavour combinations, and ingredient sourcing. These interactions provide invaluable insights into the nuances of the cuisine and help me infuse authenticity into my creations.

Furthermore, I draw inspiration from the rich biodiversity of the region, exploring local markets to discover indigenous ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. This hands-on approach allows me to connect with the land and its people, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the culinary heritage of Malay and Nusantara cuisine.

Overall, my approach to curating dishes is grounded in a commitment to authenticity, cultural respect, and culinary innovation. By combining rigorous research, firsthand experiences, and a passion for exploration, I strive to create dishes that not only tantalise the taste buds but also tell a story of tradition, innovation & cultural exchange”Chef Mel Dean 

Current & Previous Clients or Service Engagement 

Health Promotion Board || Ministry of Health || Singapore Tourism Board || Dream Cruise || Resort World Cruises || Mediacorp Suria || Radio Warna 942FM || CNA Insiders || Berita Harian || MUIS ||Nas Daily ||Wisma Geylang || Malay Heritage Centre ||Permata Singapore ||Courts || Harvey Norman || Philips ||Bosch ||Miele || Electrolux ||Corelle || SMCCI ||Fairprice NTUC || NEA || SimplyIslam || ElNahl || Mr The Tarik Group || Jubilicious || My Briyani House ||Aniplus Japanese Café || Asyura || Pondok Abang || SuzyAmeer Frozen || House Brand NextMeat Japan || All Kurma, Noosh || Tenderbest Group || Hajjah Maimunah || The Ramen Stall || Dim Sum Place || Duitsg || Sri Bistari || Walaku || Hot Pan Sizzler ||Meat House Grill || Café Galile || Kitchenary || Fika || Sedaplicious || & more..

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❑ Developed recipes, R&D and develop unique & creative menus for cafes, restaurants, food manufacturers to fit their brand and vision.
❑ Finalist for World Gourmet Awards – Asian Cuisine Restaurant, New Restaurant of the Year, Restaurant Design of the Year.
❑ Creator of Sambal Kapowww
❑ Independent Advisory Panel for Hawkers Succession Scheme (HSS) with (NEA)


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