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Singapore Heritage Feast By Chef Ken Zheng

Immersed in Singapore’s vibrant local market culture from a young age, Chef Ken spent his formative years amidst bustling markets and lively coffee shops. With uncles as fishmongers, butchers, and aunties selling fresh produce and dry provisions, Chef Ken was naturally drawn to the culinary world since young, and he is eager to assist in various roles. Influenced by a Nyonya grandmother renowned for her culinary skills, Chef Ken’s family tradition emphasises using superior ingredients, shaping cherished dishes that reflect authenticity and local flavours.

Menu Highlights

1. Trio of Heritage Bites:

  • Ubin Prawn Pie Tee with Soy Marinated Trout Roe, Truffled Desiree Potato
  • Wagyu Beef Char Siew with Pickled Sesame Cucumber
  • Har Jeong Chicken Wing with Sambal Belachan

2. Chik Kut Teh

  • 24 hour-simmer Collagen Anxin Chicken Bone Broth, Chinese Herbs, Fermented Black Garlic, Mushroom Dumpling, Sarawak Peppercorn, Fresh Coriander

3. Ikan Chuan Chuan

  • Paper Wrapped Kulbarra Seabass Fillet, Grilled Bok Choy, Fermented Yellow Soy Bean Sauce, Aromatics

4. Beef Shin Panggang

  • Braised and Charred Wagyu Beef Shin, Sauteed Cordycep Flowers, Bitternut Cracker, Homemade Kecap Manis, Shaved Chilis

5. Hokkien Mee

  • Steamed Carabinero Prawn, Sword Prawn Bisque, Wok Fried Crystal Bee Hoon with Yellow Noodles, Sakura Shrimps, Chives

6. Blue Pea Tang Yuan

  • Stuffed Rice Dumpling with Crushed Peanut Candy, Chilled Pulut Hitam, Candied Walnuts, Coconut Ice Cream

About Chef Ken Zheng

Chef Ken’s Culinary Journey –

Born and raised in Singapore within a family deeply entrenched in the culinary world of hawkers and food peddlers, Chef Ken’s journey spans over 20 years across kitchens in Europe, Maldives, Japan, Thailand, Myanmar, and Singapore. This global experience, combined with a rich family culinary heritage, has honed Chef Ken’s expertise in understanding of culinary traditions and refined his skills in managing high-volume, prestigious restaurant operations.

Chef Ken has played pivotal roles in launching numerous prestigious hotels and restaurants, contributing expertise in menu development, kitchen design, and leadership. Trained in both Japanese precision and European finesse, Chef Ken’s culinary repertoire specialises in Cantonese cuisine and Singapore heritage flavours, drawing inspiration from his upbringing and familial roots.  

With a commitment to quality and authenticity, Chef Ken crafts dining experiences that showcase a rich tapestry of global flavours.  As Chef Ken continues to evolve, his passion lies in crafting memorable dining experiences that showcase authenticity, quality ingredients, and a rich tapestry of global flavours. Committed to using only the best ingredients and techniques, Chef Ken ensures every dish delivers an unforgettable dining experience


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